Iridology and Sclerology consultations with emphasis on:


What to Expect During Your Visit:

An individual’s initial iridology consultation takes about one hour to complete. Family appointments can also be arranged and are welcomed.

Upon arrival you will have digital images taken of both of your eyes which will be transferred onto a computer for further analysis. You will complete an brief intake form while the analysis takes place. This is a gentle, non-invasive procedure and no part of the body is touched physically. Discussion takes place about the analysis and you have the opportunity to see the identifying markings in your own iris during this time. This is explained in terms of your current state of health, inherited strengths and weaknesses, tendencies towards illness and areas for improvement in the body.

FernBallFrom the analysis, a program is then developed which is individualized to the person and the needs of the body. This may involve a change in diet and nutrition and often includes supplementation with herbs, vitamins, minerals, and or homeopathics. Proper exercise, stress management, cleansing or detoxifying and rebuilding body systems are also discussed. Program suggestions always take into account a person’s lifestyle, family, time and financial ability.

After your first appointment, a follow up takes place to determine how the body is responding to the program that has been implemented. The follow up appointment is usually booked 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation to make any necessary changes in your individualized program. Further appointments may be necessary depending on the person’s body and needs. Follow up visits take about half an hour and involve an update of iris photos and analysis as well as any modifications to a person’s individualized program.

Available Courses:

Introduction to Iridology

A brief overview of the art and science of iridology. A perfect introduction for those who have a curiosity and are looking for a starting place and more information.

Handouts provided.
2 Hours

Basic Blood Type Eating Plan

Understand the basics of how your blood type affects the way your body understands and utilizes different foods. Insight provided to those with food intolerances, digestive problems, weight issues, and various other health concerns.
*Note: It is necessary to know your blood type before attending*

Handouts provided.
2 Hours

Iridology Certification Course

Created for the herbalist, nutritionist, natural health practitioner or anyone wanting to get into natural health. You’ll learn to group iris signs and markings into body systems and rapidly identify what the weakest systems in the body are likely to be.
Certificate of completion upon submission of completed and correct homework as well as exams.

Next course begins February 25th! Call or email for more information.

Corporate Presentations

Individual presentations and information sessions tailored to your needs available upon request.


**Other courses and schedule coming soon!**

Please feel free to forward questions or suggestions regarding courses!