Elenna is a certified Iridologist, Rayid Iridologist and Iridology instructor with additional training in Sclerology, Homeopathy, Herbology and Nutrition enabling her to thoroughly address the needs of your body.  She has been practicing for twelve years and has worked with and under some of the best natural health practitioners in the field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you on your journey to your best health!

What is Iridology?

Physical Iridology is based on the assessment and evaluation of one of the most complex tissue structures in the whole body – the iris. The iris is the coloured part of the eye and records information about tissue conditions in all areas of the body. It is upon analysis of the iris that the practitioner can gain valuable insight about a person’s body systems by looking at the various markings, signs, colourations, as well as the fiber structure. The different signs, colourations, markings and fiber structures represent a detailed picture of the integrity of the body, its constitutional strength, areas of congestion, inflammation, toxic accumulation, stress, as well as inherent strengths and weaknesses. Nature has provided an invaluable insight into the vital status of the body by the nervous system which transmits this information to the eye. Details in the iris reflect changes in the tissues of the corresponding body systems and can indicate a problem or imbalance in its earliest inception, long before disease symptoms are present. Iridology is a painless, non-invasive and accurate method of natural health analysis that has been practiced for centuries and is suitable for anyone and everyone!

What is Sclerology?

Sclerology is the science of identifying and interpreting the markings and colourations in the whites of the eye which also reveal insight into an individual’s health and well being. The size, configuration, colour, and location of the markings identify important aspects and factors contributing to an individual’s current health condition. The sclera records markings that change rapidly, based on the conditions in the body and give the practitioner information about the places where health problems are most likely to occur, inherited tendency to pathology, infection and the connection and influence between various organs and tissues throughout the body. Areas of highest congestion and stress, including their origin can be determined along with the amount of stress, whether it is emotional or physical. Information is obtained by examining the sclera.  The possibility of the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites and congestion in a person can be discovered. Sclerology provides a precise and painless means of looking into the body to determine optimum functioning, and when used in conjunction with any other assessment system, becomes a powerful tool for overall health evaluation.

Iridology and Sclerology are two separate and independent methods of determining stress patterns in the body. Both sciences are windows to understanding health and well being based on the body’s individual response to stress, and therefore work very well together to provide a more detailed insight/view into a person’s overall health assessment.